Tour of a Concertina

Tour of a Concertina

The English Concertina

Let's start with the acknowledgment that this will not be of interest to everyone. However, I hope that it is of interest to those who have concertinas to keep functional, restore, or evaluate for purchase. It will also probably be of interest to others like myself, who want to know how everything works. You are probably capable, over time, and given exposure to many instruments, of developing this information just as I have, but perhaps you don't (yet) have that time and exposure to many instruments.

Since there doesn't seem to be a better place for this, I'll show some outside views of tina's here to start things off.

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    To show the relationship of the major sub-assemblies. From left to right we have (1) the bellows (with the other end still assembled), (2) the reedpan, and (3) the action box, seen from the reedpan side. Below, you may choose to visit a detailed exploration of each of the three subassemblies.

    I hope that this has been some help to you.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit.


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