Stolen concertinas

Stolen Instrument(s) by Serial Number

The instruments listed below have been reported stolen.

Please contact the individuals listed with each instrument if you find it, either at the phone number (if given), or using the e-mail link (if given).

Please let me know when an instrument is found, so I may remove it from this page, to avoid embarrassing accusations later.


"Last week someone broke into my boat, which was moored under cover at
Seattle Yacht Club. The boat was recovered a few days later, having been
stripped of everything pawnable, and MY CONCERTINA!  It is my Morse, which
was not covered by insurance.

It was purchased in 2005, serial # 346. It is a bit unusual, being black,
while most of his Anglos are natural. Also, the first two buttons in the
R-hand accidental row are C#/C#, and C#/D#."

Please list me as the contact point



I wonder if you could help me. I have just been burgled and my precious and
distinctive 32key Jefferies anglo in F/Bflat (slightly sharp of concert
pitch, in a handmade rectangular oak box with a leather case handle, key on a
leather lace and dark grey felt lining) has been stolen - along with a Honer
polkadot G/D melodeon and an old C/C sharp four stop melodeon. Is there any
way in which this information could be circulated through the SAD network in
the hope that these instruments, particularly my anglo, can be located and

I, or Wiltshire police would be grateful for any information.

Richard Harris.

================================================== From via the ICA mailing list. Presumably you would have to go to to discover the actual name of the owner of the instrument, as that was not copied into the e-mail.

I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this and would readily
accept anyone's advice on suitable links for this topic, but here goes: a few
years ago my Wheatstone English 48 treble concertina was lost in Hong Kong (a
long story), and I would very much like to be re-united with it. If anyone
comes across this concertina or has any idea where it may be, I would be
eternally grateful if you could pass on the info. It is a Wheatstone Aeola,
serial number 25142, with raised metal ends and gilt buttons.The reason I
haven't posted this info earlier is that I thought I had lost the
documentation including the serial no.,for work I had done some years earlier,
and happily I only rediscovered this yesterday.

My Wheatstone English concertina (serial number 27550), chrome ends, chrome
buttons, black bellows, 6-sided, was stolen from my car in Yew Tree Lane in
Northenden, south Manchester ( M23), on the evening of Friday October 19th.
It was in a distinctive wooden box, light coloured wood, inlaid, with two
women's symbols entwined on one face and some quavers on another face.

I don't believe that the concertina was the aim of the thieves - two laptops
were also stolen.  But I hope that there might be a possibility that the
thieves didn't throw it in a bin or in the canal, and that it might emerge for
sale somewhere sometime.

Marion Oughton, storyteller tel: 07796 950 281
(messages only until December 3rd (2007) - I am currently in Mexico telling

Note that the above is in the UK for those who don't recognize the description.
> >> Stolen from a house in Bray, Co. Wicklow, 31st. January 2006 ,a
> >> Jeffries 30 key anglo concertina stamped C. Jeffries 23 Praed St .
> >> London.Wornbbellows, different wrist straps. Any info to Johnny at 
> >> thanks         

> >Any way to identify it other than proximity to your location?  A
> >serial number would help, and I would prefer to have that for the
> >description before I post it in the list.  At least some details as to
> >how the wrist straps are different, as your description could apply to
> >a lot of instruments over time.  

> no serial number but the metal ends are raised slightly where the
> Jeffries stamp is. Different leathers used on straps, slightly
> different thicknesses, hope thats a bit more help 

        Not really much, as I don't know how many other Jeffries match
your description.  But -- I'll post it anyway.

More information from the owner:

> Just thought, it might be of help, on the right side there is a C
> sharp on the push and pull on the same button, where the normal C
> sharp is, also on the button above it there is an E flat on the push
> and pull. There are two springs on the G left hand middle row.


tell me when this one above is found so I can remove the listing, as this could apply to far too many instruments without a serial number to check.

19 August 2005

Lachenal Duet -- SN 43522 -- in hexagonal wooden case.

Stolen from Hobgoblin Music, the Newport Pagnell branch probably Monday or Tuesday 15th/16th August 2005.

If you are offered this concertina, please contact Dave Soulsby on: 01908-217217 (UK phone number -- you may need the appropriate country codes to complete the call) Or via e-mail at


8 August 2005

Alan Bell has had his Wheatstone Concertina serial No. 28904 stolen while at Sidmouth [ a concertina festival in England ].



24 March 2004

Stolen on thursday 11th march, from a van outside the Whitmore Arms public house, Orsett, Essex, UK. Wheatstone Tenor Treble with raised ebony ends, serial no. 29103. If you have any information please contact Roy Nicholls on +44 (0)1621 859446.

25 July 2003

Two of Richard Morse's "Albion" English concertinas have been stolen in the UK. To date, the serial numbers have not been released, but there is now a "Stolen" poster available for download. It is in PDF format. I've now linked to the one on the site, because the original 2.5MB one was a bit of a load on my limited bandwidth.

There are contact phone numbers (UK) on the poster for checking whether an instrument is one of the stolen ones. If you are offered one of these instruments at what seems like an unbelievably good price, call to check the serial number -- especially if you are in the UK.

Finally! Somone has released the serial numbers. They are 137 and 138.

I hope that I can convince them to let me post the serial numbers, to simplify checking. In the meanwhile, just get the poster, and if you are in a position to get it seen by players, print it out and post it.

Sat, 7 Dec 2002

Mike O'Connor and Taffy Thomas' car was broken into in Liverpool City Centre last night. All the contents of the car have been stolen including a LACHENAL 30 button C/G concertina NUMBER 133139.

If anyone hears of these instruments being offered for sale or hears anything, please contact Liverpool Police immediately.


And the Liverpool police or rather Merseyside Police: 0151 709 6010


hello, i left my concertina with my roommates in ennis, clare while i left on what i thought would be a short trip, but what turned into 6 months. i am currently having trouble contacting them and i am afraid they may have sold it. the concertina is a suttner jeffries copy, black with metal ends and the serial number is #128. i have not abandoned it and i have every intention of making arrangements to reclaim it. but it may also be a case of my former roommates simply not checking their mail for a few weeks. if it has been sold, its most likely location is somewhere in Ireland. in any case, i would appreciate it if you could list this instrument as not to be sold. anyone who has been offered this instrument for sale can contact me at the following number:

+1 360 863 8089

or send me e-mail at

There appear to be two instruments with the same serial number (21680), and I'm not quite sure what happened here. Is it two reports of the same instrument, or did I scramble the data somehow? (DoN.)

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