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Squeeze Links


  • Chris Timson's Concertina FAQ

  • Tim Willets' button Box FAQ.

  • Pete McClelland's concertina FAQ.

  • Theodore Kloba's Chemnetzer FAQ


  • Randy Merris's major new bibliography of concertina tutors --for all systems (including some scanned copies)

    Repair sites

  • Bob Tedrows growing collection of pages about different aspects of repairing various styles of concertinas.

  • Chris Timson's new wikitina, a free-form (WIKI) forum for concertinas.

    General informational sites

  • A central reference source for concertina information

  • A site which details the addition of internal microphones to a concertina.

  • A site which deals with the use of English concertinas in classical music.

  • A site which is supposed to have a playable English concertina simulation. Note that this site requires ShockWave Flash (which I removed from my browser after problems), and it also appears to use JavaScript for visitor counting. Your choice whether to go or not. I can't check it out. I am assured that it will work with JavaScript disabled, though it does still require Flash. It is a neat idea, in any case, and should let you get a feel for the keyboard layout.

  • Neil Wayne's listing of Free Reed Magazine articles. And available copies of many back issues.

  • Page for a proposed Wheatstone bicentennial celebration.

  • Wendy Morrison's page of Squeezebox articles and instruments (new and used) for sale.

  •'s page of concertina-related links.

  • Jack J. Woher's duet concertina-related information pages.

  • Ted Kloba's page for What kind of instrument is this?" illustrations of various squeezebox types of instruments, and which is which, with some descriptive or history text.

  • Bob Tedrow's page showing his new Anglo system concertinas" Welcome a new Anglo maker.

  • David Glenn's Home Page (excellent information on the Anglo and how it is played)

  • Bob DeVilbis' page containing a study of two anglos -- a Jeffries, and a Dipper.

  • Alfredo De Pietra's English-language version of his instruments in celtic music (including concertinas))

    French-language concertina pages. --- LINK DEAD ---


  • Martin Doering's Anglo site. (Now both in English *and* the original German.)

  • Didier Jaffrédo's French language Anglo site. It looks like a good one, as far as I can tell. I'm afraid that I don't know French, so I was trying to make sense of the text from what I know of Spanish. It helps somewhat. :-)

  • Jason O'Rourke's Home Page - Nice collection of concertina information -- still growing

  • Howard Mitchell's Various subpages for English and Anglo concertinas

  • Henry Doktorski's Classical music squeezebox site

  • A wonderful Free reed history Including drawings of Wheatstone's early concertina precursors. (Link dead -- will reenable it if I find a new URL)

  • From the same source, A Free Reed family tree.

  • Nick Robertshaw's Concertina page.

  • John Kirkpatrick's Chording on the Anglo (on Howard Mitchell's pages.)

  • Toby Koosman's page of - links to Squeeze gatherings, classes/workshops, and events.

  • Paul Schwartz Anglo concertina photos, including interior.

  • Piedpiper's rather whimsical page on learning to play the Anglo concertina.

  • Jack J. Woehr's page of Hayden duet information.

  • Robert Gaskins' MacCann duet information, including a study of baffles.
  • Marc G. Lamb's page including Duet (MacCann & Crane) fingering charts.

  • Bob Knaus' page, including photos of his MacCann system duet

  • Bob Tedrow's Concertina Support Group.

  • Jeroen Nijhof's page of links to all kinds of free-reed related pages.

  • Harpdepot's page mostly harmonica oriented, but the resource links pages include concertina and accordion pages.

    Chemnitzers and Bandoneons

  • Jan Doumen' page of Diatonics and Bandoneons. Newly updated link

  • Steve Litwin's page of Chemnitzer concertinas and the Polka connection.

  • Loren Schaeffler's page of Chemnitzer concertinas including button layout charts.

  • Ken Yagelski's page of More Chemnitzer information, including tunes.

  • Ernie's Chemnitz Concertina page.

  • Dan Melander's Updated Chemnitzer Concertina page.

    Miscellaneous stuff

  • Steve Simpson's Squeezebox Ephemera.

  • A treatment of the internals of accordions, by (Hans Palm) somewhat as I treat the internals of concertinas.

  • Earthlink's collection of links to free-reed related sites.

  • @ccordionscandanavia's page of DEAD LINK antique cylinder and disc recordings of concertinas and accordions

  • Old instruments and how to work on them Mugwumps Online -- including an old way to blacken wood (possibly for concertina endbox repairs)


  • Concertinas at Whitney an annual set of gatherings for the teaching and sharing of concertina (And other instruments) music.

  • The Northeast Squeeze-in, an annual gathering of concertina and accordion players.

    Vendors and Makers -- New and used (Alphabetical order)

    With related interest articles

  • Steve Dickinson's continuation of the Wheatstone factory product line

  • Barleycorn Concertinas

  • The button Box.

  • Frank Edgley Canadian maker of Anglos

  • Richard Herrington Texas maker of Anglos

  • Hobgoblin Music

  • Homewood Music (not to be confused with Holmwood concertinas)

  • House of Musical Traditions -- Concertinas

  • House of Musical Traditions -- Accordions

  • Lark in the Morning

  • Jürgen Suttner German maker of Anglos and English system.

  • Bandonion & Concertina Maker Dutch maker of Anglos and English system (using modified accordion reeds).

    Concertina performer pages

    Irish Anglo player Padraig Rynne With samples of his playing, so you can hear what you should aspire to.

    Totally off the wall

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