Background trouble info page

Background trouble info page

Background trouble info page

I have had various reports of difficulty reading my pages because of difficulty with the background colors and patterns.

I do not see these troubles, because I use Netscape, and one other (uncommon) browser -- on my unix systems.

I have tried changing the choices of colors in the background, with the result that the original complainer had no more problems, and someone else started to have problems.

All of the reports have been from systems running Windows and Internet Explorer.

On one system, where both IE and Netscape were present, the user reported no problems viewing my page with Netscape, but serious difficulties with IE.

More experimentation showed that when he changed the number of colors the screen displayed (Windows display setup parameters), the problem went away. He had difficulty at the medium screen resolution settings.

It appears to be an interaction between the version of Windows, the screen driver (for whatever graphics card may be present), and IE itself. These parameters are outside my control.

If all else fails. there should be an option within IE (somewhere) to ignore the page's settings for background and foreground color, and replace them with the user's own choices. I know that there is such an option in Netscape, in one of the Edit/Preferences/Advanced menus. I have to use this occasionally, when dealing with a page which is viewable on IE, but not on Netscape.

	I hope that this helps