DoN Nichols' Home page

DoN Nichols' Home page
The Perpetrator

Photos taken by by a friend (Casey Jones) in North Carolina in September 2000.

The left (or upper -- depending on your browser settings) photo shows my Holmwood Tenor Treble, named "Beauty"

The right (or lower) photo shows my Wheatstone single-action Contrabass, named Monty". -- which was made on 27 March 1911 according to the CD from the Horniman museum now containing all the ledgers from the Wheatstone factory. These are available online at , and you can order a CD-ROM of the data from (cookies must be enabled) anywhere in the world.

I have just verified that the behavior is identical (at least with my system) on either the CD or the web site. And -- I can reassure you that the CD works on a Sun Workstation -- even though it only claims to work on the Mac and Windows systems. For the CD-ROM on my system, the URL would be file:/cdrom/INDEX.HTM, and for my disk installation, it would be file:/pkg/Wheatstone/INDEX.HTM. (I've not made these clickable, because you can't reach them from outside my private network, so they are only examples of how you would access the files on a unix box without going to the net. The CD-ROM is supposed to be self-starting on Windows.

Yes -- the web site is free -- and it will be updated with more information. But the CD-ROM is a *lot* faster than a dialup or a 56k frame relay (which I have) -- and even faster if you dedicate disk space to hold a copy.

Note that the information in the ledgers can be very cryptic, and it helps to know the model numbers (which have changed over time). Robert Gaskins has made several price lists available on his duet concertina web site, and I have here the one old Wheatstone price list which I own scanned into PDF format. (I would suggest that you download it (right-click and go to "save link" in Netscape -- I'm not sure what you do in IE, as I don't use it.) Once you have it downloaded, print a hardcopy, and perhaps keep a copy ready to view as well, depending on your needs. /tinas/Wheatstone-Price-Sheet.pdf

Of course -- don't expect to buy these for the prices shown -- these are quite old prices.

You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to display and print this file -- or one of the freely-distributable source programs like "xpdf" (which is what I usually use.)

Yes -- I *do* name all of my concertinas which get regular usage.

You can click on either photo above to get a larger version (probably too large for your screen, so be prepared to use your scrollbars), so you can take a closer look at me (not likely), or at the instruments (far more likely to be of interest.)

If you don't have an interest in the internals of concertinas (and other bellows-driven free reed instruments), you probably won't find anything of interest at this site, but you may find some other things of interest by following the other links to other sites.

Well ... some of you may have been wondering what I look like, and since that is now satisfied...

If you aren't using Netscape, you're missing the backgrounds, but (perhaps) things are going faster.

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