Jürgen Suttner Concertinas

This is the first of a series of planned pages dealing with instruments from various makers, both current and past. It is the first simply because Jürgen Suttner, after some e-mail conversation, offered to send me some photos of his instruments.

Jürgen now has a web page of his own. There is a link to it from my links page, but to save you searching, here it is as well:

Jürgen's own page

I can't judge the functioning, other than an impression of quality from the exchange of e-mail, but the exterior of the boxes is certainly impressive, as you will be able to judge below.

Note that the address in the above logo is already obsolete. He seems to be following in the footsteps of Wheatstone, who operated from many addresses throughout his life. The proper address for the moment is:

Jürgen Suttner Concertinas
Albert-Nöll-Str 78
D-57078 Siegen Germany
Phone ++271/8706939
Fax ++2732/27161
( juergen@suttnerconcertinas.com )

I hope that this has been some help to you.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


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